A Cup of Coffee and a Lovesong

Imagine a heavy dose of 60s rock with psychedelic touch, mix in some blues, jazz and add the echo of Nordic melancholy - and you might be thinking about a band just like A Cup of Coffee and a Lovesong.

A strong live act that fits just as well at a rock club as among the camp fires at a party after the apocalypse.

Short bio

A Cup of Coffee and a Lovesong was formed as a duo in 2008 by singer Nadja Häikiö Itäsaari and guitarist Christoffer Darshed. The debut album, New Patterns was recorded 2012. Since then they have played around 60 gigs, mostly in Gothenburg.

Working with New Patterns they met Dizz, a portuguese drummer that moved to Gothenburg for the great music scene, and guitarist Envade. They released Earth is Moving - their first album as a quartet - in January 2015

Earth is Moving

Six track LP Recorded more or less live during tree days at Music A-Maric Studios. Released January 2015.

Music video recording & editing: Bonfire Productions.

Production: Bonfire Productions & ACOCAALS


Press kit - swedish

PDF Press kit with full bio, more info about Earth is Moving and some pictures


ZIP-file with some high resolution pictures


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