A Cup of Coffee and a Love Song is what happens when Brutal Blues meets Folk Grunge in a beautifully floated music landscape.

Kind of as if the early Pink Floyd had met the Doors, had children with Jefferson Airplane, and Joni Mitchell been the one responsible for their upbringing A Cup of Coffee and a Love song would have been the inevitable result.

A Cup of Coffee and a Love Song was originally a duo formed in 2008 by Nadja and Christoffer - who both wanted to do something new musically. The duo saw the collaboration as a possibility of being forced outside the box. Immediately their individual expressions blended to a peculiar sound that can best be described as suggestive, psychedelic Folk/Blues Grunge.

Through the years more members have joined and the sound has matured. The original duo is now a dynamic quartet deeply inspired by the 60/70s Rock and Psychedelia mixed with Grunge, Blues, and Jazz. All topped off with a hefty dose melancholic sadness that gets nourishment from the break between the concrete deserts of the modern industrialized city, and the surrounding archipelagos barrenness and beauty. The bands bohemian musical expression accentuates by the singer Nadjas powerful voice and wide registers.

In the autumn of 2012 they released their debut album New Patterns, then still a duo. They also recorded music videos for the singles Octopus and Balcony. In the spring of 2013 ACOCAALS, now expanded into a quartet, recorded a 6 song LP named Earth is Moving released January the 7th 2015. This album explores new territories and a new sound, augmented by the addition of Dizz and Envade to the band.

A Cup of Coffee and a Love Song is: Nadja Haikio Itasaari, Christoffer Darshed, Envade and Dizz.